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Default Visiting WSP Closed Security

I can answer some questions about closed security....

First off there is no reason for you to be scared. The most important advice I can give you is to make sure that you wear the right clothes.

Jeans that are not too tight are a must. If you can't grab an eatra inch on either side of you hips then they are too tight.

Wear a darker color tee shirt to start out with. Make sure it is long enough so that when you raise your arms up in the air your belly won't show.

No hair ornaments...just a simple hair tie is allowed

Shoes must be worn with socks or nylons.....

You may take in $10.00 in change for each visitor. One key only just bring a ziplock baggie to put your stuff in.

Visiting starts at 9:30 AM show your ID to the Gate house officer and he will motion for you to move along.

When you get into the main institution you will need to fill a a visitors form and then get in line, now there are two different lines so make sure you are in the main institution visiting line. Most of the women up there are really helpful and will answer any questions you may have.

Just remember to be respectful to the CO's and you will be alright. If you have anymore questions just let me know, I am happy to help out.....and by the way....welcome to pto!!!

I forgot to add that there is a limit to the amount of jewlery you can wear.....two rings per hand...two earrings per ear, two bracelets, and absolutely no belly, tongue, nose rings.

Also make sure that you don't wear any sports club clothing or clothing that has alcohol logos or anything of that nature.

No Underwire bras EVER!

Can't wear those cute fuzzy lined boots in either.

Originally posted by penwife in another thread.

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