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Welcome, I'm Helen, feel free to PM, anytime you want, I've doing this for sometime now my son is in from 2013 till Nov/Dec 2018, there's alot of us long timers here, who will answer your questions as you go along.
Being transferred to larc (Lexington), will depend on bed space, when one is open he will move, it all depends maybe 30 days 60 etc. Hopefully sooner then later, no such thing as a speedy transfer. He'll stay at larc appox 2 weeks, (sometimes) No canteen, no books, no nothing, he'll be in 23 lock down with 1 hour a day to shower maybe make a phone call and walk around some. He'll call from a GTL phone where you perpay for call's,you'll need to set up your account, 1 800 483 8314 you can set that up now so when he does move he'll be able to reach you, Hopefully he moves fast from there to a yard (prison) he should roll out a level 2 , once he gets to a yard it could take a couple days to get his phone on, canteen set up etc. It's a hurry and wait game. Big hugs to you as you join us on the ODOC roller coaster. I'll PM my phone to you, you can call anytime, Take a deep breath, you and he will be just fine. Tell him to stay to his self, DON'T barrow from ANYONE! Because if he does you pay back twice, it's called tax's in prison, or you get beat up, rules on the inside are tough, stay away from joining any gangs . They will want him to join!!!BAD NEWS!
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