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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
All this hassle for a 90-day sentence????
In all honesty we thought with just a short sentence that they would send him somewhere closer, like Lansing prison because they do still have some prisoners there, and with such a short sentence, being just 90 days it would make more sense, that and last time they were sending literally all PO violations to minimum at Lansing last year. But, as we all know, nothing the system does here makes sense lol!! .... that and they are very slowly and painfully closing down Lansing prison because it's over 200 years old and it will cost more to fix everything then to just build a whole new facility. And its been taking them since about June-July last year I believe to do that.

That being said, we think (assuming), that they are sending all Minimum security prisoners to Medium security where he's at, which is Norton Kansas. He said last night though they may be sending him to Minimum there but nothing has happened as yet. I know he was really ticked off because there were two guys there who had some point system (still learning what that is), and they had about 2-3 points against them and at least 1 or 2 Disciplinary actions against them, and they were moved to minimum. He has 1 point and zero disciplinary actions, yet they moved them and they had only been there about 3 days and he's been there 7 days.

Either way, when I get to talk to him next I will let him know what you said AR PCS, at least something he can look into. Even three hours away, like Winfield would be helpful if obviously Lansing is completely out of the question.
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