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Default Board of Parole Support Letters, how do I address my disability?

I know there are multiple threads discussing what parole board wants to see in a support letter. I have a very specific question. I'm sitting down to write mine for my husband and to be honest, I've been putting it off because of one factor. Maybe you guys can help me with this.

California (probably most places) want to know that they have a tightly woven web of support for release. They prefer their parolees go to transitional housing first. We're doing that. He plans to spend 6 months in transitional housing and then our options are a few because I live out of state. We're not there yet, though. So immediate plan is halfway house. That said, every support letter example I've read focuses on the financial stability of the person they are releasing to. I have financial stability but not through employment. I am disabled. I'm not super worried about addressing the financial aspect but rather how to address my disability without them viewing it as a liability.

Typical letter example:
Dear Commissioner:

I am Mary Broodly, a 54-year-old woman who is a cook at the Little City Hotel in Pasadena for last 25 years.
I am a friend of Mark Inmate for the last twenty years and have been in contact through letters and occasional visits with him throughout his time in prison.

I don't want to say:
Dear Commissioner:

I am Mia Mac, a 41-year-old woman who has depended on Social Security Disability for the last 22 years.

It's also leaving out a big chunk of what I do with my time which is care for my father. But isn't that also a stressor? Holy crap, guys. This whole bit makes me anxious. It wouldn't seem like this should be a factor if he's going to transitional housing, but eventually it will be a PO issue. Hubs doesn't get the stigma so he's been reassuring but not so helpful.

Help me with the good words!
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