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Default Interstate Compact Transfer California to Idaho

Hello PT Friends,

My name is Andrea. I moved out here to Idaho while my boyfriend was in prison and now he is out in California. Just recently he put in a request for an Interstate Compact Transfer so he can be with us. I sent him a letter to give his probation officer stating I would be responsible for him and my electric bill as proof of address. He has paid the $188 fee to start the request. Probation notified him that it would be approximately 90 days. So with all that what should I expect on my end? How does the the process work to get approved? Do people even get approved? He and I aren't married yet but we have 5 kids together and we been a couple for 10 years. Idk. I'm so nervous. Any info anyone has please feel free to pass my way. I would really appreciate it anything at all. Thank you so much for time. Have a blessed day.
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