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oh my gosh lin. next time you see your hubby give him a big ass honkey hug just for me! i agree w/200% of what he said.
and lin, who is MR. HAMPEL?? and in what relation is he to the prison system??

lol im sorry but i just re-read the "OR" part, & they did include a lot of "OR"'s.

thank you johnny for your nice letter. i agree w/lots of what you said. esp. the parole board. AND the issue of the courts dealing w/the sentencing..or sorry when one is elidgeable for parole.

you know, the prison system (esp. in texas) really REALLY sucks it does. not only do they murder an extremely high amount of people (youd think they were trying 2 set a record), but also the fact that they are throwing innocent people in prison..

as i always say...something BAD has got to happen before they even (CONSIDER) changing something.

but thanks again johnny!!! i really appreciated reading this. (put a smile on my face, cause it made me realize i wasnt the only one w/the same opinions).

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