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Originally Posted by Cmcconahay View Post
My fiance is at dodge state prison and his PED date was Jan 5, 2018. A few days ago it changed from no decision, to N/A. Yesterday "Jan 19" he got called to his counselor to sign a paper saying he was denied parole but with no explanation and it was dated Dec 29, 2017 which was before his PED date even hit. His counselor is sure that it was just a automated/generated letter for the end of the year and since he hasn't hit his PED date they denied him them bc she had never seen that before. He has no priors, no right ups, nothing for them to deny him for. Can someone please give me a clear answer to what n/a actually means. I've read so many places and get different answers. TIA
Hi Cmcconahay,
Your fiance had a PED of 1/5/2018. I'm assuming the Parole Board's online Inmate TPM Lookup had a status of "No Decision" until a few days ago. Then the online status changed to "N/A".

Ok, so "N/A" is typically the status given to someone who the Board has decided to serve out the rest of their sentence. If he has been given notification of the rejection then it's not a clerical error. The Board does not have to give their reasons for rejection, and things like letters from a judge or prosecutor can make all the difference.

I don't know how much longer his sentence is, but he will automatically get a new vote in 5 years. Hopefully someone can chime in and tell you if he can petition the Board before then for an early vote.

If he is less than two years, but more than a year away from his max out date, he should get his consular to tell him if he will be eligible to go to a Transition Center/work release. The TC application process takes time. Most people who might be eligible to go to a TC don't qualify because when their TPM is set they have less than a year left to serve.

I can't image how tough a blow this is to both of you. But please don't give up. Do what you can to encourage your fiance. His good record inside is key to getting better housing assignments, work details and being considered for a TC.

Hang in there.
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