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Originally Posted by WENDOLYN View Post
So over 120 inmates were interviewed by the parole board this week and it makes me wonder what's going on. My husband was one of them and told me that there were people with parole review dates as far out as may being interviewed. The question is why? My husband heard a rumer that a unit was going to be shut down, but I found out that was the central unit and we're only talking about 1500 beds and not until September. My thoughts on this is under the newly drafted bill to cut tdcj spending, a prevision is in there to expedite the paroling process, basically to get the inmates out quicker saving money per day they are just waiting to get paroled. Maybe? Dunno, would like ideas if you have any. Any other units seeing a change in the parole review process?
My husband is right down the road from yours well actually on the same land. He's at Stringfellow and his PED is 3/11/11 and he was interviewed last week on the 18th,
Mrs. D

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