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Oh, hun. I want to give you a cocktail and welcome you to the First Time Wives Club. Between your visiting app and this dropped call I feel you climbing up on the ledge. Everything is OK...try to take a deep breath.

Dropped calls happen all of the time. Like Patch said, it could be anything. Sometimes it's as petty as the CO on the tower doesn't recognize your LO and cuts the call to make them get off the phone. Sometimes the weather (no, I'm not kidding) will make them pull calls.

I'm going to give you a piece of advice that is going to take a while to feel safe-- when something like this happens, let it go. For at least 24 hours just put it on the backburner. Let it play out. Don't call the prison, don't call the phone company, just let it be. Being 'in the dark' happens a lot with prison. It may be helpful to remember that as much as it's outside of your control, it's also outside of his. It's best to learn what you'll need as a coping skill now so that it's not so hard on you in the future. I could tell you stories about what we've been through that would make the skin of your teeth hurt, but the thing that will save you is having a go-to coping mechanism.
For now, try to hear that it's normal and it may even be a few days before he calls back. Normal, normal, normal. Write him, watch your favorite show, take a bath, have a reasonable glass of wine. He will call again. Promise.
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