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Default Nicholas Waggoner Browning

in case some might not be familiar with Nicholas Waggoner Browning, he was the teen who murdered his family 10 years ago. The last I heard about Browning was back in 2014 when he unsuccessfully tried to get his sentence reduced. He was at the Patuxent Institute then where he had originally fought to be placed. Now it says on the Maryland DOC website that he is at the North Branch Correctional Institution. As DOC state websites are not always accurate I am wondering if anyone who might know him could confirm that he is there. The move never made the news like everything else about him has. Considering that North Branch is a brutal maximum security center and I would think he wouldn’t be placed there...or he or one of his remaining family members would speak up if he had. I can’t find any recent mugshots of Browning either. There was one going around of another Nicholas Browning which had been mistaken as his. Anyone might have any?
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