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Originally Posted by tglsmom View Post
I donít blame you for getting a little confused! Weíve only been to 2 prisons (not including reception) and they are completely different from each other. Youíve been to way more than that and I can only imagine how difficult it would be to keep them all straight.

Weíve only been to visit at SCC twice. Before we went, we looked at Google maps so we were familiar with the layout and the location. One of the ladies on here also answered my questions. The first time we went, we drove into the parking lot on the right, parked our car and walked right up to the processing bldg. The second time we went, that parking lot was blocked off and we had to drive straight ahead where a CO stopped us, checked our ID and visiting confirmation (which we had printed out), and we then drove right to the parking lot and bldg. we had been to the first time. They say to arrive 15 minutes before your appt. time. We waited in the covered area next to the bldg. They call in each name one by one. When you enter the small room, you walk to the desk and take off your shoes and jewelry and give the CO your car keys. You then go back to the metal detector and walk through it. I donít wear an underwire bra, but the clasps on the back set it off so they allowed me to bunch the back of the bra together with one hand and walk through. That worked. You then walk through the door on the left, go down a ramp to the bottom where you wait for the tower to open 2 gates, walk to your left to the first bldg. and ring a bell by the door. You are let in (this is also where the photo ducat machine is), you hand the CO your ID, he lets you in another door and you check with the table to the right where they tell you which table youíll sit at. We havenít had to wait long for our son to come out.

We didnít know that SCC is in the middle of nowhere so we decided to stay in Merced at the Courtyard Marriott. Itís an hour away from the prison. It takes us 5 hours to get to Merced so with the extra hour weíre also 6 hours away. Visiting hours are 8 to 3 so we try to get appts. for 8:30 or 9:00. That way we get full visits for both days without being terminated. And, yes, an early appt. would give you a better selection of food which isnít all that great to begin with. I think they refilled one time we were there, but didnít refill the machines with much. The visiting room is pretty boring. You canít talk to any of the other inmates or their families, the inmates can only go to 2 vending machines, and you canít walk around unless youíre going to the vending machines. There is no patio area which we really miss from Folsom. They do have some games and cards, but thatís about it. It doesnít really matter that much Ė we just love spending the time with our son!

Anyway, that's about all I can think of. If you have any other questions, please let me know. I don't mind at all. Have a great visit with your son!
You have been wonderful. I can't think of any other questions. thank you again.
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