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Originally Posted by Vrnclozano View Post
Hubby just got transferred to Sierra Conservation Center in Jamestown, Ca yesterday. Can anyone give me a rundown on visits, dress code, or any general info please. When can he start getting visits.? Calls.? Thank you ��
I will give you as much info as I can..
Sandles without a back on them is not allowed.. (Flipflops) Wearing black is always a good choice. If you have already received a visitor form, and have been approved, go to Vpass and schedule an appointment. It's not necessary, but it helps. They have started giving visitors a drug test, so be prepared for that. They are very strict on "Extra" affection. My husband almost got our visit canceled, because he kissed me on my forehead.. SMH! Nothing to tight and reveling. No orange, camouflage, tan. NO BLUE JEANS ALLOWED! As far as phone calls are concerned, you would call GTL and set up an account to receive calls from you LO. Just tell them where he is located. From prior experience, my husband had to attempt to call me, before I could set up an account. If your local, the charge for a 15 minute call, is around, $1.65. Not bad huh? My husband use to call alot, but I guess it depends on the yard. Right now, he calls me about every 3 days, sometimes longer, it just depends. Well, that's all I can think of right now.. If you need any further info, feel free to contact me. Good luck....

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