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Originally Posted by SmileyDawgsWife View Post
No idea what to expect. Wondering how long till he will leave where hes at for jamestown...whats the current situation there with visits. Does everyone go to do fire training? Any info would be so appreciated.
Hi and
So your husband is being transferred to SCC. Not all inmates that are housed at SCC make it through Firecamp Training. There are alot of factors to consider. My husband is also housed at SCC, and tried out for fire training, but wasn't accepted. As far as the visits, they're pretty strict at SCC, and they do have the ION Scanner.
If your husband is accepted into the firecamp training, he will be transferred to one of the CDCR Firecamps. During Firecamp training, you may not hear from him alot, because training will take up most of his time. As for visiting, you can schedule visits through VPass.

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