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Default Help for Newbie Appreciated

I do thank you for your answers. My son has been there for 3 days (I think) and he tried to call me this morning but either had to hang up or got cut off before I could actually talk to him.

I was looking at the facility on Google Maps. It's kind of confusing. There is a label "Corrections Department" hovering over what looks like typical cell buildings, then there's a separate "Sierra Conservation Center" with a baseball diamond, basketball courts, possibly some other kind of housing, etc. I'm wondering what the difference between the two is exactly.

That's rather disturbing what you said about your SO being there for so long without either being sent to an actual fire camp or denied and sent back to a regular prison (God forbid!). I'm guessing this means that he's not getting the amazing 50% discount on his sentence while he's lingering in this CDCR limbo?

I'm such an anal person; this not knowing what's going on is going to kill me.
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