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Originally Posted by tglsmom View Post
Welcome, ravenswytch - This is the only prison my son has been at so far, but considering some of the stories he's heard of other prisons, he considers himself lucky. Things are, for the most part, pretty mellow there. It is also cell living. Maybe that's why your husband doesn't like it after living in a dorm? I would imagine that would take a little getting used to. The prison itself is in a nice area - lots of trees, deer in the hills, etc. - but of course the inmates don't get access to any of that. Folsom is a great town for hotels, restaurants, and shopping. I hope your husband will adjust soon!
I'm sure he will...I just hate hearing him so distant...knowing someone is going through it and not being able to help kinda stinks! but time will go by quickly and he's short time anyways...2014. thanks for the information though...any helps ease my mind.