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Exclamation Pics

My honey is 28 days and a wakeup call from the door. She told me yesterday she's feeling something that always happens, she's been asking around is this normal and being told yes, her brother had is when he was released it would be PICS.
I am not going to argue there is proof both clinical and otherwise PICS exists, no more than I'd argue PTSD exists. I however have concerns that environmental conditioning may play more of a part than it is given credit for. I am an addict in recovery (almost 6 years) and I know that there was no one to blame but me. The media and so on try to convince you that it is not your fault I say that is BS; I do however agree that your environment can lead to a predisposition to addiction. I've heard other people talk "relapse is part of recovery" that too is BS but it gives people the okay to relapse.
Does this environmental talk and self talk predispose people to PICS or can it in fact cause it? I feel some may just be setting the stage for not being able to deal with life on the outside and make it someone or something else's fault if the screw up. She’s being told nothing but time fixes it? Is that true?
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