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Personally I think rehabs should NOT be co ed. Recovering addicts and alcoholics tend to do anything but focus on the task at hand which is getting clean and sober. What better way to put your recovery on hold than a brand new relationship. Somebody to save them or for them to save. What usually happens is they end up taking eachother right back out. In the beginning of recovery they say you shouldnt even think of a relationship till at least 6 months to a year. Why have the temptation its not worth it. just my opinion. When i got sober I wouldve loved a distraction such as another person but now looking back the reality is you get someone just as sick if not more than you and if things dont work out being dumped is a great excuse to have a big fat relapse. I have seen some of these relationship s work but i have seen many more fail and the people go back out using and honestly none of us really knows if we got one more run in us. I have seen many people die from thinking they had one more run in them.My belief is work on you learn to love yourself and then and only then can you truely love another and have a healthy relationship.
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