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Both life imprisonment and the death penalty suck. But in my opinion the death penalty is the closest thing to hell I can imagine. I have a pen priend currently held in Polunsky Unit in Texas, he has told me something about the living conditions there and they are DREADFUL. Daniel Lopez was executed in August this year because he was tired of his living conditions in death row and decided to just drop his appeals and go ahead and be executed. He was 27. And yes he probably has killed a cop. But the thing that REALLY gets at me is that some people just think that it's easier to take his life too than to understand why he did that. Society kills a man, but is society's conscience clean? And so now there are two dead people, two broken families and two graves. Is our society any safer now? I'm sorry, I'm just a pen pal and not any victim's family, I really do feel for you who have lost a loved one by the hand of someone sitting in death row, but I just think there are other ways of dealing with crime and imposing death is not going to help you. I send my love and prayers to you.
Everyone is calm and collected but I am telling you something. I am not calm and I am not collected. Itís a sick world out there.
Clive Stafford Smith over Edward Johnsonís execution.
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