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Originally Posted by stormynights View Post
I was wondering if anyone had any advice. My boyfriend was moved to Tallahatchie Correctional Facility in Mississippi. They are not allowing any of the native american inmates to go to the sweat lodge! One man said he has been there a couple of years and has only been allowed to go two times! This seems to me to violate their rights to worship and practice their beliefs. I am sure there is a chapel there and other inmates are allowed to practice their beliefs! My boyfriend wants me to call the warden and complain and I will but, I am not sure if that will get me anywhere. What can I do?
Please do not contact the warden, first confirm from your BF about his behavior. My BF was facing vegan situation inside. But on complaining, there was no way of getting it. You have to make direct complain to the state authorities that handle prison human affairs.
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