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Thank you for your condolence s I must say ladies if you have someone you love behind those walls please do them a favor be involved have power of attorneys medical power of attorneys paperwork in order so the prison is truly accountable for medical for the rights for civial for protection health mental physical your loved ones in there really need you as there voice write them often and keep logs of stuff in which happens with phone calls even down to the mood they were in ive learned this all now do to me searching for answers dont let it happen to you or your loved ones we can save lifes that matter to us by advocating for them. I could of would of if I knew this much as i know now how bad it really is in there I know there in prison its not daycamp but theres so much more than you really know they need us to help them just so they can do there time and survive. And come home what i could have done for Mike only now he is gone you never ever really know a blink of an eye ladies so fast well a update still dont know what has happened to Mike but we have gotten as far as putting him to rest hopefully still waiting to hear back on that well we paid for the service I am trying to stay ontop of things we thought well how do we really know if its even Mike the funeral place says we will send pictures to idenify dont know if im ready for that either but yeah still no updates on autopys nor investagation and still no word from anyone that may have know mike inside so yeah its been hard and its taken a toll but take care ladys and happy new year
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