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Originally Posted by OsloJn146 View Post
I haven't yet introduced myself to this forum..but let me do so in part now. I've been dealing with the U.S. jail and prison system in this country specific to health care and death issues for over 20 years. I am not affiliated with any law enforcement agency, DOC or BOP facility. My reason for joining it was to see the type of problems inmates are continuing to have and what you as family members are being forced to accept and endure.

There is much you can still do and frankly, you've got a lot more power to do something than you might think. When they don't give you information at all--from the date of his death until today, there is a definite reason as to why they're not providing information to you. And there is much information that you should be going after. Just remember you're entitled to very specific information surrounding his death; however, the system does not want you aware of that fact. The more they can keep you in the dark, the better. Doing so all works to their advantage--not yours. And more oftentimes than not families are clueless as to what they can do when an inmate is sick, dying or has died. If you'd like to talk further, I'm more than willing to do so.
You know I just was to a point of crazy myself untill i opened this thread to see if anything i mean anything was here and you wrote this Thank you and yes I need someone to talk to .Today we called and asked can we come and pick up his belongings and talked with warrden was told not releasing anything to us or anyone come in 3 days to pick up his stuff we asked arent you done with your investagation was told yes on the prision end but still wont let us know anything they havent told us anything just that he was taken by paramedics he was doa was told then revived found out from doctor on that but still doctor wont tell us what happen condition as was it from someone something other than natural we know that he didnt have any blood left in him so we know something bad happen but no one will tell us anything. We dont know what to do anymore we dont have big bucks to hire lawyers to find out they know this You can only hope someone will post something on update on his death like being investagated of homicide or suicide or anything but it still just sits there saying same thing a month later took by paramedics there stuff they are making shine by now and we dont know how to get in there to find a way to find out
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