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Originally Posted by kathyradellvn View Post
I am amazed at how people look at pot. In my very conservative eyes it is a drug no different than any other kind of drug you can get addicted to. How can one drug be ok to use, even though there are restrictions on how much you can have at one time, than any other drug. Most people claim that it isn't addictive. Really? Why do people risk getting it, go to jail/prison because of it if it isn't addictive. My poor grandson just moved to CO because he thinks it is dumb that he can't smoke pot everyday legally in the state he lives in! He has a very rude awakening coming. The reality of his situation is he is a drug user. He isn't smart enough to realize that there are very strict laws concerning the use of pot in states where it is legalized. He can just see himself laying around all day with a happy grin on his face because he is high. When people get caught with pot they want an excuse for why they can't use it, why are they going to jail or prison, it was only pot! I feel like, once again because of my very conservative upbringing, obey the law! I have seen my son go from smoking pot, doing other drugs because pot just wasn't enough, becoming a registered sex offender, serving time, coming home, doing well, getting off of parole, getting back on drugs and now serving more time. He has not had near the problems as a sex offender as he has had being on drugs. He gets caught with the drugs every time. I have a hard time understanding that, he knows that the heroine, meth, pain pills are very bad, says he won't do them again but always leaves a little space for pot! Not addictive? No one will ever convince me of that. If you still choose to do it be careful, it is still considered a drug and in most states it is still against the law. Breaking the law usually means jail/prison time.
I hope you're not implying that his pot use has anything to do with him being a sex offender, that would be silly. In general, I think where people are coming from is that marijuana in general does not cause many negative effects. It's not going to kill you, you aren't going to overdose and it doesn't cause any serious health issues. What can become psychologically addictive can be said of most substances. Hell, people get addicted to coffee. When compared to substances like tobacco and alcohol, pot is relatively harmless.

"It's only pot."

That means, it's only pot, it's not gonna kill me. The legal problems your grandson faced are not a result of the drug's effects, they are a result of the illegality. I'm not defending his drug use, hell, I have a very significant drug history and of course I "started" on pot. But pot was not the reason I tried other drugs. I tried other drugs because after smoking pot, I thought "Well that wasn't so bad, I didn't turn into a terrorist, the other stuff they said must have been lies, too." So I ventured into psychedelics. I was never much of an amphetamine or opiate user, I preferred the psychedelic experiences that gave me perspectives unachievable during normal consciousness. However, what did get me in trouble was the fact I did not respect the government's position and started sharing (dealing) the drugs which I felt had given me great benefit. And I paid the price for it.

But let's not lump everything into one basket, shall we?

I wish you and your grandson the best. I hope he can stay sober and stay out of trouble. The criminal justice system is no carnival. But sometimes a little perspective can be helpful in understanding and having some compassion and understanding for a position we cannot naturally relate.

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