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To everyone who posted in this thread with good intentions, who posted in this thread because its what we do here at PTO = Member helping member with information, support & understanding: Thank You

I'm so very sorry to tell PTO members that this account is a hoax, one of three accounts created by the same person to glean information for a book s/he's writing.

All s/he had to do was be honest. S/he had three opportunities to read PTO's policies, once with each account that was registered. Instead, s/he opted to ignore those policies and continue fraudulently posting, creating three different scenarios, one with each account. I am beyond livid that anyone would come into this community with full intentions of using PTO's members to advance their writing in the hopes of a financial gain, not once, but three times

In chronological order, oldest account first:

DetentionBound; Thread: I will be sent away soon and need advice/Updated

AmberWaves94; Thread: Going away for a year and don't know what to expect

RandomTexasGirl; Thread: I can't believe I got myself into this mess...

As members of PTO, keep doing what you do best: provide information, advice, support & understanding. You are all appreciated

...and never forget that Karma is a b-b-b-beast

patchouli, PTO Admin

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