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Yep. Games from immature loser-men, going no place good in life, still play lil boy immature games in prison. Only diff is, the bars/steel gate around them. Gotta be able to know that early on to avoid giving too much/mainly your heart.


Even though few of my greatest friends met while a guy was in prison they are all with the guy still/happy and or engaged. No drama/no immature bullsh-t. Yep.... so i know it can work ya know and i support others i see in an MWI relationship/friendship partnership etc.
But i always say and even in my signature here..."I lead with my MIND only."
I don't care if my loved on in prison or out...I never EVER again will lead with my heart. I feel better livin' this way too. and so far so good ..."

I hope more in life lead by their mind/not heart and only premise a man's love for them on ACTION and not just words. God speed to all of us.
I am the same- no more following my heart- I'm too old for that.
I'll follow my head from now on and ask my heart it's opinion- but it doesn't get to run the show anymore. lol
I also believe in paying attention to their actions- but more than that- follow their PATTERNS.
Anyone can say something and then show an action to back it up for a while, then go back to being the same old jerk they were before.
If you follow their patterns that's when you can really see what's going on.
In ex: someone breaks their word ( common), you leave, so then they come back and make more promises- but ths time their actions match their words- so you think you're good to go- BUT after a little while they go right back to breaking their word and doing all the things thay said they wouldn't do-
That's their pattern.
So not only do we have to listen to words, watch actions and then look for patterns.
Look for consistency.
Ugh lol
I give them 2-3 times of doing that to recognize a pattern and then I walk.
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