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That is a horrendous discrepancy between sentences for co-defendants. I would find a good attorney and get an opinion as to why, then decided on whether that why is sufficient for an appeal.

It is very true that prison is better than jail for most inmates. They have more to do, they have access to the outside, they have the opportunity for classes. Some of that depends on the prison - the first one my son went to, it was new to him, it was a higher security, and he was 22 - so it was nerve wracking for him. The 2nd one they transferred to him, he settled in, got college classes started, prison classes, a job - it was much better for him and he had more to do. By the 3rd one, he was quite familiar with what to do and what to look for.

The media can make any situation at a prison seems scary. My son called me in the middle of a riot (which the prison called an incident). I have had the fun of at least 2 incidents and 1 riot that I know about. There are more that never reach the news. I have learned not to let it raise my blood pressure. A little bit of time in prison and they learn how to defend themselves, how to avoid situations, how not to be on the guards' list, how not to be a target for other inmates or guards.

My son has become friends with some of the old guys who have done sentences in excess of 30 years and are now near the end. Some have been mentors and all have given him good advice on being a good man.

A. I hope your son's sentence is reduced;
B. I hope whatever amount of time he is in he finds mentors who are a positive influence; and
C. I hope you find peace within as you go through this process with your son.
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