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Default Finally Some Good News For 2018 and Kids

Not sure if this is the right forum, so feel free to move, but I am so happy to finally be able to share a success/happy story finally..

This has been a long road for my family especially my kids. My husband moved into our house in 2011, around the same time we found out he was under Federal investigation, but trying to lead as normal lives as possible. My 4 kids already had dealt with their father and I divorcing in 2008 so we were hoping nothing would come of this. Unfortunately, we were wrong and in 2014 (we were married in 2012) my husband was indicted. That process dragged on for a few years, my kids fortunately dealt with it, and even though there were things in the paper, and tv, no one bothered them about it, but if they had questions we were always open and honest with them.

They came to his sentencing hearing in the fall of 2017. By then my oldest was living and working in California. My other 3 were in high school. Somehow I was going to have to deal with a lot of the high school stuff on my own until my husband's return this Jan 2018, but the worst thing for me was going to be the college applications for my twins. My husband loves that stuff, I do not and my ex husband is hands off on that too.

The adversity in their lives of having a step-parent who is like a father to them gone for such an important part of their high school career and my being a single mom again was going to be difficult. Somehow my kids kept up their grades, somehow I've managed to do the early bird driving and late pickups (although I hate it!!), but most importantly while 2018 has completely sucked with my husband gone, I am so proud of my daughters for continuing to work hard and while this year honestly couldn't end fast enough for us, since my husband reported for prison last December and so there has been nothing good this year, both my daughters received the best news ever to end this year, in gaining admission to their first choice colleges (mom brag moment) University of Texas - McCombs School of Business and Cornell University showing me that there are still good things that do happen in this world and that I don't have to feel that my kids who did nothing to deserve any of this have to continuously feel like they are being punished!!

Of course, this also means I will have one kid in the South, one on the West Coast, and one on the East Coast. I told my youngest he can stay around here (Midwest) like Northwestern and he said no way. Maybe not too far from one of them then, because I don't know about being able to handle traveling to some other city far away.

But, to everyone. Do not give up hope for what the future may hold for you or your families. My husband was ecstatic to hear this news. Sad he wasn't here to hear and celebrate it. We knew he wouldn't be hear for the Cornell decision, but we expected he would be home for some of the others and Texas because my daughter was told no one from out of state gets into McCombs before February. Somehow she did.

This is the best present I could have asked for in 2018, since I knew it wasn't my husband coming home. Next up IS my husband coming home.

May everyone have a happy, healthy, holiday season!!!
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