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Default GTL Messaging - couple questions

Does anyone have experience with GTL and if so, what's the general turn around time for receiving a sent message?

My pal sent me his first message ever on New Years Day around noon, but I didn't get notified of it until the 2nd at 5p... over 30 hours??? Is that right?

Also, I'm not sure what to do about sending reply stamps. He purchased his own credits, but I don't know if going forward I'm supposed to send credit for his replies? I could do that but when we send postal mail our letters span 6 typed pages to 14 handwritten pages, and GTL gives you 2000 characters for 1 credit (20 credits are $4). I imagine if we put into an email what we sent by postal mail it would run up credits REALLY quick, and I just can't justify paying for that.... so, what do I do about the return reply credits? Do I send them?

We've been writing for 3.5 months now.. I'm super interested to see where communication will go now that we have emailing capability and now that we've decided to speak on the phone....
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