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Originally Posted by Melancholyholly View Post
When we were communicating that way (before they took the tablets away) I found that shorter messages got through quicker. Sometimes an hour or two, long messages could take longer, even up to 5 days at times. Messages don’t necessarily come through in the order in which they were sent. I can only assume as a CO at the facility has to approve each message they are sometimes leaving the longer ones because it takes more time and effort to skim read than a couple of lines. It was unpredictable but ohmigosh I MISS IT!!

I would ask him about return stamps. When I first started writing to my fiancé he was on restricted privileges so couldn’t use pin debits to purchase message credits so I had to send them if I wanted a reply. But as your friend messaged you that would suggest he can buy credits. So it will depend on his financial situation.

The messages are limited to 2000 characters which is about half a page typed. Both of the ones I sent within the last 24 hours were approved about an hour ago (I'd sent on yesterday around 7p and one today around 1p). I got an email alerting me to their approval (really cool!!!!!)

I don't know why his took so long (maybe the holiday?) but hopefully we'll see a quicker turnaround time going forward.

Also, just given the fact we're limited to half a page, I think we'll keep the messaging on a "thinking of you" basis and use snail mail for any substantial replies. (Lord but we have our first phone call within the next 10 days so there's that option, too!!!)
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