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Default Do D.A's look at facebook posts for evidence?

I posted on another thread on here about a friend in trouble for domestic violence charge of assault with a dangerous weapon, but out of curiosity, and a totally different subject, do D.A's look at facebook posts at all when deciding what to do with a case? Someone had told me that the D.A doesn't care about what someone posts on their facebook page.

The person that has the assault with a deadly weapons charge has a facebook page that has what might be considered some slightly disturbing content. He's got a picture of one of those fake human face masks, from his favorite movie, The Texas Chainsaw massacre. He has a post on the movie also, but you'd have to scroll down a bit. Most of the stuff is ok, just for that one picture, and a complaint about the postal service, and how he wishes violent death on them.

I don't want to give out any details as far as his name, or location, but apparently, he's more of an idiot then I gave him credit. I had always thought of him as being smarter then this. He also communicates to his wife via facebook, though I don't know how legal it is considering she's technically a witness in his case. The case has been on going now for about five months. Should I warn him to clean up his page a bit, or at this point does it even matter?
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