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I'm disabled to the point where employers won't hire me but the federal government thinks I'm employable if I find an understanding employer. Thus, I don't receive disability. I live with my family, I receive food stamps, and a limited amount of cash assistance that basically provides rent for my family and paying to talk to my husband on the phone and a few toiletries. Nothing else.

If this shutdown continues, I will most likely not be receiving my $170 of food stamps (hard to feed myself properly on anyway as I have multiple food allergies- can't eat the cheap proteins of peanuts, beans, lentils, chicken) and I don't know where the funding for my cash assistance comes from initially. It's a county program but I don't know if the funding ultimately comes from federal money or not. At any rate, if I do receive that money I will still likely not have my food stamps, and all of my spare money (all $60 of it) will be allocated to food. My family won't let me starve to death but their idea of a meal (half a salad plate) and my idea of a meal (one regular size plate) are drastically different, and my $60 isn't gonna go much of anywhere.

And in that case, I won't be able to talk to my husband on the phone once our current money runs out, so we're conserving calls to only twice a week.
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