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Originally Posted by NE030418 View Post
I use GTL a lot an I mean ALOT to send my husband messages. An I have been using it for about a year. We also write letters an he calls but the messages get to him very quickly. My man is at Menard Correctional in Chester so Idk if its the staff but when u send him a message he gets it within a couple hours. Any message sent before 2pm he gets that day otherwise any message sent after he will get the next day. Now messages sent Friday after 3pm he won't get until Monday. They don't approve messages over the weekend. So when he sends me messages over the weekend I always get Monday about 730am. Each prison is different but menard is starting to allow video messages to be sent sometime this month or next. So I can send him a short video. When that starts I dont know how long those will take to be approved an get approved but GTL messaging can be really nice especially when u just want to send them something short to say u were thinking about them or if u want him to get something an respond asap an don't want to wait the few days for regular mail to get to him.

Do they print out the messages or do they just let them know they have messages so they check the kiosk and see them for the first time or...?

My friend sent me one on Friday at 9:30p and I didn't get that until Tuesday at 5p. He sent one Monday night that reached me Wednesday morning at 4a (how strange).

Also, does your husband have a tablet or a kiosk?
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