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Originally Posted by Bikerguy View Post
Good morning,

As a CO I will tell you that placing an inmate in a restraint chair is serious business and is only done when there is a very strong chance that the inmate will harm himself, other inmates or staff. A chair is usually the last resort after all other avenues have been attempted. It takes someone with some rank to make the determination when someone goes into the chair.

When someone goes into the chair there is a requirement that they are checked on, in my prison it is every 15 minutes. And they have to sign in sheet to insure it is being done. If possible the inmate is also video taped during the whole time. As for how long someone stays in the chair. Well until they are no longer a danger to themselves or others.

As for grievances, inmates can file all the way up the chain of command from their case manager to the Warden. Even the Warden has a boss and inmates can file grievances with them.

Inmates can also file within the actual legal/court system with or without a lawyer.

Great info, thanks for this, Biker.

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