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Originally Posted by Ne Plach’ View Post
Terrible cooking day . .

I have 2 years of saved recipes from magazines, newspapers and web sites. I decided it was time to clean them up. Put the ones I want to keep in a book and toss the others . .

My mom bought a lot of dill but then, has no time to cook w it. I thought it was an opportunity to start my project .

There was a recipe for dill scones I wanted to try.

First batch came out : I don’t like them . And I know my mom will critique me for wasting ingredients when she gets home . . waste is bad cause she lived through a war .

So, I put in the second batch but I burned my arm on the oven door. I jumped !! Parchment paper slid down in to the burner of the oven, it started to smoke, gooey scones follow . . smoking away . . .

I shut off the oven and get this utensil that looks like a devil [ it has a face . . ] to scrape off the dough . Grab some that landed on the oven door and throw them to the floor . . uh oh waste !! Fire alarm went off . That got my parrot squawking . . .

Open the oven door more, open a window, wait for the oven to cool, scrape off the dried / burnt stuff . .

I have 6 scones and need a meal for dinner w dill . Next on the list : creamy tomato soup w dill - cheddar croutons ... I found this recipe on a fashion label ‘s blog. Keep this in mind . . cause it will end up low fat !! Blehhhhh ..

I grinded up dried chickpeas to get some flour for the „ croutons . “ They are glorified crackers . . that taste like soil .

The soup is bland too. It is only onion / garlic / whole tomatoes / s @ p / a shot of balsamic / milk .

Stuck w this „ diet ” soup for a couple days now . Learned my lesson . . .
Do you have any turmeric, cumin and such to add to the soup?

You can always freeze the soup if you don't want to wat it today.

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