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Yes, this is a relapse issue.

Yes, it is bad.

I'd like to leave it at that as the situation is ongoing and not at all pleasant for those in her life. Some days are better than others. But I have boundaries about when I'll allow myself to be around her. If she wants to really get sober and get real help, I will be there to act as a support. If she is in active addiction (which is true recently,) I will be staying at a safe distance.

For her sake, I hope it doesn't result in a return trip to prison.

I'm so sorry she wasn't able to kick. That's awful for both of you. Tammy says where she is is drowning in drugs. Women go in clean and get hooked. Hooked ones leave worse than when they went in. It's destroying lives inside and out and the money's corrupting a lot of people. She's sure the drug business is responsible for her getting tickets and losing her library and classroom aide jobs.
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