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Ok, my man has been endorsed to KVSP. I have read 50 of the 58 pages of this thread, my head is spinning! I have a couple questions...

1. Rules state no black pants with red tops. what about black pants with a different top?
2. Just want to verify, the cash (quarters or dollars) that can be brought in is $ 50 for the visitor and $50 for the inmate?
3. Are there lockers?
4. Can I sign up for V-PASS before he moves, or do I need to wait until I know his housing unit?
5. I have some nice heeled healed (2 1/2-3 in) sandals, but they are foam. Will these pass?
6. I will be coming from over 12 hours away, if I get the earliest visit... how long do the visits last?
7. Not that it matters, because this will be our first contact visit, but do we sit side-by-side or across from each other?

Thanks in advance, and I am sure other things will come up!
CDCr kicked him out of the SHU, YAY!!!
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