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Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
It's similar for all of us who have ever been through it. The shock, the inability to comprehend, the inability to reconcile the person we thought we knew with the person being charged.

Here's the deal: he was both. My Dad was the person who took me fishing and taught me to drive. He was the person who pushed me to be the best person I could be. He was also the person who molested his victim. He just kept that part secret for a very long time until his victim finally came forward. And here's the rest of that thought: we all have secrets - things we've done that we wouldn't want anyone else to know about.

Your father is not the sum total of the charges he was found guilty of. No one is the sum total of one or even a series of acts. People are complicated beings. The only difference is now you know his secret. But the rest of him, the him you loved and respected, is still there too.

Unfortunately, it may be that you will never get all the answers to all your questions. It is entirely possible that he doesn't know the answers. My Dad didn't know, and he was generally a pretty self-aware person.

We're here for you. We understand. We've all wrestled those mind demons. We can help you keep from losing your mind. This board saved my sanity.
thank you for your kind words. I was mainly reffering to the court case itself but yeah, I know everyone on here is suffering a great deal. Thank you for your help [emoji177] The questions I have aren't really about why he did it. It's more about how he is now. If he's going okay in prison. How do I get him out. What can I do to help him. What do I do with his house. How did I let this happen. My brain has been bombarded with questions. But yeah, I understand everyones going through the same thing on here. I wasn't implying I was the only one. What happened with her father just seemed similiar to what happened with mine. Sorry if it came along that long. Thanks anyways. ☺

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