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Hi and Welcome! We used to burn up the site a few years ago but a lot of people have been released and frankly DOC is just so frustrating and depressing that people just give up on it.

It's hard to get everyone on the same page too. There are a couple of organizations here in Denver that can also help with your questions about DOC and get you in touch with people within DOC if needed. They don't like to rock the boat though because it took them a long time to build up their contacts. One is Colorado CURE and they have their own google group and the other is Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition. CCJRC tends to do a lot of legislative work and gets a lot of positive bills passed that affect inmates and parolees. They are always super busy and don't have a lot of answers to your questions but sometimes they are good to talk to.

CURE gets the people from DOC up to Denver to meet with families of inmates and will answer a variety of questions about prison operations and parole. Just be prepared to wear your boots and listen to a lot of BS.

I have a facebook group called End Mandatory Parole in Colorado. We are trying to get rid of it because it is a huge failure and is the biggest thing responsible for the DOC's huge budget.

Anyway if you need anything just post, someone will be along to answer!
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