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Default Emotion overload

My son was sentenced to 50 yrs Aug 31. He's still in county and has been since September 10, 2016 when I walked with him to turn himself in. That has been to date the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. I'm dreading the day he "catches chain". As long as he is in county I can see him every weekend. He on the other hand is tired of being there and wants to "get on with it". He hasn't been outside in 2 yrs. The only recreation is 1 hour a day and it consists of either basketball or handball. Two of the other defendants in his case are also there. The oldest one has even tried to get the snitch label on my son...yet he only received 12 yrs..the other 2, (4 involved including my son) received 20 and 25.. my son received 50.. So that had me stressed. Then also my son hasn't been given his judgement paperwork or his discovery pk and he has requested them repeatedly. When I review the court motions of each individual, my son honestly got slammed. I am not saying this because he is my son... I am not the Mom that cries "Not my baby, he didn't do anything, yada yada yada". I know and acknowledge his part in this travesty. I'm not trying to get him completely exonerated. I just want a little more fairness. The oldest received the least amount. I don't agree with that. This man was 28 at the time this happened. He manipulated my son and the other 2. I know the law states as of 18 yrs of age, considered adults. But that's a bunch of crap. These boys were/are not mentally and emotionally mature. They are boys!!!
The court will argue that the terms were explained to them. How do they expect in reality these boys truly understood everything?!? I mean seriously!!!
I'm going in circles with this. I apologise.
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