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Originally Posted by maxxi View Post
just want to introduce our case here since my sister just got transferred to the timpanogos women's correctional facility. Anyone with experience here?
All i know is that she is assigned to Star 3 unit now. Who knows what it means? I am planning to visit her regularly.

Star 3 has 4 sections. 2 are used for R&O, one is used for MAX inmates and the 4th one is where they house inmates that have mental health needs. Itís called Timpanogas. They are never allowed to program, have a job or even nap during the day because they are not allowed to be in their cells during the day. They have their own separate yard so they never have any contact with other inmates. They are not allowed to wear shoe laces or even pens for writing. Also, STAR 3 is completely restricted from ordering any commissary items containing caffeine. Not even caffeinated juice sticks.
Iím not sure if theyíre even allowed visits since they have to stay completely separate from the rest of the prison.
I know this because I had to do a few months in the MAX section of STAR 3.
Itís also the dirtiest STAR. Grimey and gross cells with nasty plumbing stains. Not maintained like all the other STARS.
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