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GREETINGS, Born, e-Tex, Desertdweller11, and Taliba00!

Born (Post #2):

The answer to your question is i don't believe so


It is written:

"People will not believe something just because you do.
Let them hear your reasons.
If your reasons make sense, you may convince them."

Born, I now know that you do not agree that an execution by lethal injection in America is as much of a blessing to a criminal as to the country.
However, I do not yet know why you disagree.
May I "hear your reasons"?

(I suspect that your reasons are ones of a religious nature, but that is just a guess. : - > )

e-Tex (Post #3):

Some see the glass half-full while others view it as half-empty.

From your post, do you see that same glass as; needs to be shattered?


a half-empty glass
a glass only half full
a glass only half empty
a half-full glass
no glass at all

Inasmuch as all four glasses with contents are identical in every respect, the only choice actually given to an individual on death row is a choice between A GLASS WITH SOMETHING IN IT and NO GLASS AT ALL.

And in order to make an informed decision, a prisoner sentenced to die must first know what is in the glasses.

A heavenly nectar?
A toxic brew?
An obnoxious but innoxious beverage of some sort such as, say, lukewarm water with little more than just a hint of a fruity flavour?

In the case of a death row inmate, the glasses are highly unlikely to hold a heavenly nectar or anything else even remotely savory or satisfying, and, that being the case, NO GLASS AT ALL--or possibly a shattered one--may very well be what is most in keeping with a constantly confined and definitely doomed realist's own personal preference.

Desertdweller11 (Post #4):

Our lifetimes are short in the scheme of things and I believe everyone born is in pursuit of joy and happiness and meaning. So with that being said when we decide to rob another of fulfilling their pursuit it is either out of self serving at the expense of another or to protect others from individuals who have by their actions denied others of that pursuit. So the question becomes are we living in ways that bring more harm or good to ourselves and others? And do we deserve to exist if we have destroyed the existance of others?


Life is short, and everyone is endeavoring to experience as much happiness and as little unhappiness as possible and to find as much meaning in life as possible.

A criminal inevitably hinders someone somewhere from either finding or enjoying and perpetuating happiness.

In order to prevent a criminal from ever again doing so, a society sometimes ends a criminal's life.

In ending a criminal's life, a society fully and forevermore protects everyone on earth from the criminal.

However, in ending a criminal's life, a society also puts its own interests ahead of those of the criminal and prevents the criminal from ever finding happiness and fulfillment.

All persons ought to be frequently asking themselves whether their way of life is furthering or impeding their own or others' efforts both to maximize happiness and to find ever greater meaning in life.

If someone doesn't care about other people's happiness and well-being but is instead KNOWINGLY and NEEDLESSLY and SERIOUSLY diminishing other people's quality of life, SHOULD THE EXISTENCE OF THAT TROUBLEMAKER BE TERMINATED, terminated without undue pain, of course, but also without a lengthy delay or any compunction?


If decent, caring, law-abiding human beings' subsolar lives are ever to become just as good as they can possibly be upon this gyrating globe, then a great many unenlightened, immature, and misbehaving world citizens will first have to come to their senses* and agree with their more enlightened, more mature, and more well-behaved neighbors that blessed SOLUTIONS ARE infinitely BETTER THAN accursed PROBLEMS, and all will then have to start taking very much to heart the lessons of World War I as regards the cheapness and violability of human life in a momentous struggle and begin to favor government authorities responding WITH A VENGEANCE** to every sort of grievously antisocial and intolerable behavior.

*Has any prescribed cure for the ills of society--any time-honored ism or ology, any especially popular, newfangled notion--ever proven to be a better antidote for what ails society than a first-rate and unfailing kindness, than a never-ending endeavoring always to GO WHERE THE GOOD LIES, than a superlative use of common sense and a common courtesy practiced to perfection?

** "Because wrongdoing is not punished swiftly and severely, a great many individuals do not hesitate to engage in evil." (Ecclesiastes 8:11)

Taliba00 (Post #5):

There's a false premise to this very, um, winded query, which is that the passing in question is PLEASANT, PEACEFUL, and PAINLESS. I don't believe it ever is.


Then please allow me to assure you, Taliba00, that there has been at least one execution that was mostly PLEASANT, mostly PEACEFUL, and practically PAINLESS.

A relative of one of Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing victims (19 April 1995) was allowed to witness Mr. McVeigh's death by lethal injection (11 June 2001) and was not at all happy about the difference between the way in which Mr. McVeigh died and the way in which his victims had died. Her complaint was that McVeigh's victims had suffered horrible deaths in clouds of dust and heaps of rubble but that McVeigh had appeared simply to fall asleep.

And if I be not mistaken, the same article also reported that McVeigh had looked in the direction of the gallery only one time and, while doing so, had smiled, smiled at least slightly, faintly.

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