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Thumbs up Diet-To-Go!!! Low-calorie meal-delivery!!!

I'd never had any real issues with my weight until about ten years ago when I started taking medication(s) for depression and anxiety. At one time, I was actually 100lbs over my "preferred" weight (which is set a little higher than my "healthiest" weight, but is where I feel most comfortable.)

I hate dieting, cooking, counting, and otherwise obsessing over food and/or weight. I do like to exercise, but it's hard to counter weight gain with only exercise if you're taking in too many calories.

I've been on a "modified" Atkins diet -- I cut out bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes -- lost a lot of weight and put it right back on again. It was to be expected; that's a plan that can't be sustained over a lifetime.

I've been on Weight Watchers twice, and I think it's one of the best diets out there. It really does work. But I personally didn't stick to it well enough, and I doubt that I would ever try it again at this point.

What ultimately worked for me was:
Diet-To-Go ( It's a low-calorie diet that's also a meal-delivery service. OMG!!! I lost 40lbs in six months without effort. I mean, NO EFFORT. I didn't even go to the gym. It may seem expensive, but if a person can afford it, what you get is 100% worth the money. It's convenient, you get EVERYTHING you need to eat all week, the food is EXCELLENT, and it's very flexible with no commitments required.

This diet really hit me with a lot of revelations about calories, portion control, and healthy eating in general. Basically, it provided a model of the best way to eat, and as long as I keep replicating it, I'm good.

~ Maushel

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