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Originally Posted by DetentionBound View Post
I'm back! Sorry for the delay. It's been a busy weekend.

Sidewalker: Don't worry. If she ever shows up here, I most definitely will not answer the door. If anything, I'll make an escape out the back door.

Yourself: I've kept the letter and intend to show it to my P.O. at our next meeting, which is a little under two weeks away. The detention center should probably know that someone's found a way to sneak inappropriate mail past the guards.

I actually have been to Centenary. It's a really nice campus and easy to find your way around. Doesn't seem to be a party school, which is fine by me. It's also more selective than LSU. Of all my in-state choices, I think it's actually my favorite. They have other degree programs besides pre-law that I'm interested in too. I do intend to talk to a guidance counselor though, as you suggested.

Nimuay: Yeah, I definitely want to take at least one "off-the-wall" course. Southeast Asian folklore sounds pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind taking a course on Greek mythology though if it's available.
Take one "off-the-wall" course every semester if possible - keeps things interesting. And, since most people change their majors several times during their college careers, it might help you find your next major!

Glad you've been to Centenary. Please visit a few more colleges - they will either highlight Centenary's deficiencies, or highlight Centenary's "fit".

And talk with your guidance counselor - best bet for really assessing where you should look, and whether you're selling yourself short for Chicago as a long-shot "dream" school, or aiming too high. Further, s/he may have other colleges to look at, some who may offer you scholarship based solely on GPA and SAT algorithm - most schools offer these sorts of things to entice the best GPA/SAT combos possible. You might find yourself in the position where you're struggling between taking a scholarship or going someplace more challenging.

Btw, some schools may offer scholarships for promising young people who've got great GPAs and have tangled with the criminal justice system. Your guidance counselor can look into these things for you, or help you with other possible scholar ships or grants.

Don't dismiss your experience with the criminal justice system when it comes to finances. Further, it can be great fodder for your personal essay. When you're on the GPA/SAT bubble, it's the essay that gets you in.
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