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Originally Posted by onedayatatime13 View Post
Maybe he had a lingering feeling of yeah this was easy and quick, then got slapped in the face. This may have reminded him this life he has no control over and if he doesn't like he needs to change.

I don't blame you getting stuck. We all do! We want what we want and we want it now. Unfortunately, it never works that way.

Sometimes when we step away from the emotions of the situation and look at the big picture it helps a lot. 7 more days verses years free is nothing.

Study and finish what you started. This way you celebrate you score and his coming home.
Exactly, we can't control it as much as i wish I could, I'm a very impatient person and I've found myself saying "ugh why me, why can't we catch a break" and then I have to snap myself out of it and remind myself that it is only 7 more days compared to the years free we'd have together. I know he'd say the same thing you did about my school work, he's always been a supporter for me to do my best and he would probably say its a good thing he didnt get out so i could study. Thank you, I've been feeling like a mess over it and you've helped me see the bigger picture and remember it'll be over soon
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