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The justice system is not what I once believed it to be. I am sorry you are on this journey with your son.
I know how you feel about at least being able to visit your son in county and the dread you may feel about him being farther away in prison. I felt that way. My son said the exact same thing. He wanted to get on with it and out of county. He had been in jail for 2 years awaiting trial.
People would tell me that he would be better and less stressed once he got to the prison. It is one of the worst in our state as far as fights and such, but he is doing better. He has a job and walks the yard. He said they played football yesterday. I asked about boredom and he said he doesn't have time to be bored right now.
I can't visit like I did when he was in county but he is doing better.
It's not what I saw on tv. He told me you learn quickly what's accepted. Even though I worry if they're on lockdown, I'm less stressed than when he was in county and was only out of his cell for an hour a day.
You are in the beginning of this and it takes time. No matter what our kid's do, we love them and it's hard to face especially when the time doesn't fit the crime.Thank you for your post.
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