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Originally Posted by sidewalker View Post
Ive heard the name before and I did see this on fb the other day.
Its good.

Question tho.......does this Banksy guy get permission for these? Or does he just paint them where ever he wants to? How can you *sell* someone elses property?
Im not getting that part. (or did I misunderstand?)
From my understanding he does not gain permission and it has (in)frequently caused issues. He does have people that act on his behalf as he tries desperately to remain anonymous. I'm thinking the shop owner has been compensated as part of the sale. Although after the $1.3 mil shredding incident at Sotheby's, it's sort of...well, Banksy.

But then that's a bit of his point with perhaps the shredding AND the placement of his latest. He frequently uses privilege as his subject matter. So destroying a piece auctioned for over a million means he took his art back from those he 'fights' against. Compensating a shop owner who might be struggling would fit his MO.
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