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UPDATE: Oh my! Yesterday was one of the craziest and best days of my life!

The day started off car battery died! Luckily I was able to borrow my moms car and miraculously I did not panic, freak out, or even cry. Clearly I was just focused on getting my man, LOL.

After that hiccup, I drove to the airport with no issues, parked and then found where I'd be meeting him. Went to the bathroom a couple times, paced around and played on my phone to kill the time.

He had said he was going to call me before getting onto the flight but he was unable to so I hadn't heard from him and was just hoping he was even on the flight! His flight was delayed, so I was just eagerly waiting checking the screen that listed arrivals...until finally his plane landed!

I was waiting where I thought he would enter the baggage claim area...waiting and waiting, don't see him, oh gosh is this one of those MWI disasters??? My eyes are starting to water....then I turn around and there he is! My heart could burst seeing the smile on his face, he looks better than ever! I ran up to him, hugged him, he picked me up and kissed me, the spark we've had these past 3 years was even greater, it felt so unreal!

We held hands, walked to my car, he changed into street clothes, we made out like teenagers and then since we were pressed for time cause he needed to be at the halfway house at a certain time and I'm a slow driver, we didn't have time for anything else.

We got to the halfway house and I was allowed to help carry his bags in but then we had to kiss and hug goodbye. It was very bittersweet but thankfully the halfway house is temporary and in a way it's good for us to ease into being a couple in the "real world". Hopefully I will be allowed to visit him soon! I'm just so happy he is finally back in New Jersey, I love that man with all my heart, still feels like yesterday was a dream....gonna enjoy the "honeymoon phase" lol.

Thanks again for all the support.

It's just the be continued

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