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Originally Posted by Sara1984 View Post
So my man just got a major infraction and has lost his phone, jpay and visitation for 6 months!! We've been going through this for 8 years now and there have been times we couldn't talk but the longest befor this was like a week. We normally talk on the phone every day and I visit at least once a month. I know they will be keeping him in closed custody probably for the whole 6 months. Last time he was in segregation like that he got super depressed and it was a really hard time for him but at least he could still call like 2 times a week.
I've been writing him lots and I sent a few books. Wondering if anyone has any ideas for things I can send him to occupy some of his time. I got a big word search book from amazon sent to him but I'm trying to think of some other ideas?
Does he read the newspaper if so start a subscription to USA today
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