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Default Gut instinct -something isn't right

As ive gotten older, and especially regarding him, I've learned to trust my gut when I feel something is off, and each and every time, it's been correct. Right now it's nothing short of screaming at me that some angle of this is WAY off. Almost as if something has been missed or handled improperly, he's sick or hurt, or someone or something is deliberately trying to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Who or why I'm not quite sure, and tried telling myself just forget it's anxiety , everything is fine but the feelings just not subsiding.

Has anyone else experienced an almost psychic bond with someone before? If not I'm sure you think I'm insane. Weve been like that from the beginning though.
Ive been feeling him in hiding per say, totally normal given the circumstances. He's doing what he has to do to make it through. Totally normal, until now.

What can I do? I still don't think we should be communicating just yet. However, if something is wrong or he's in danger, all bets are off and I'll turn this world upside down to make sure I correct that, behind bars or not.

All I can think of is if I wake up tomorrow and still feel it ,try calling and see if he has a co or someone I can confirm with that at least he's still there and alive.

I'm not looking for validation or opinions about the psychic bond thing, again I don't expect everyone to understand. I only mention it due to the fact it's never steered me wrong.

What would you do?

*Dear Judge,
I know he might not look like much to you. My only request, is that you tread lightly on our hearts, because to me, he's my whole world...*
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