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Originally Posted by KiwiPP View Post
Projecting or not, you are 100% correct. Protecting/saving an addict is enabling an addict. They need to deal with the consequences of their actions. Itís a very hard line to walk when you love someone so deeply. But all this does is keep them deep in their addiction, they need to be responsible and accountable for the situations they put themselves in, recovery will never be possible otherwise. As the widow of an addict, my heart goes out to anyone and their loved ones dealing with this disease. It is truly heartbreaking.

I'm sorry to hear that. Heartbreaking. I absolutely admire your courage to be here, and even more so to be helping others every chance you get. Thank you for being here.
I tell you what, this has definitely been something that has tested me to the absolute ends of my wits, pulled them apart , stretched them around the room a few more times and then laughed while kicking the deadbolted door shut behind them
Never in my life thought I'd have gotten into this type of a situation. just never know
I'm grateful for places like this!

*Dear Judge,
I know he might not look like much to you. My only request, is that you tread lightly on our hearts, because to me, he's my whole world...*
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