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Originally Posted by AAH14589 View Post
I'm sorry to hear that. Heartbreaking. I absolutely admire your courage to be here, and even more so to be helping others every chance you get. Thank you for being here.
I tell you what, this has definitely been something that has tested me to the absolute ends of my wits, pulled them apart , stretched them around the room a few more times and then laughed while kicking the deadbolted door shut behind them
Never in my life thought I'd have gotten into this type of a situation. just never know
I'm grateful for places like this!
It’s ok! He was very sick and it was his time to go. Now I have a bad ass guardian angel my life has certainly been.... interesting lol. I feel as though I have lived a thousand lives already. Through all the trials and tribulations though many many lessons have been learned. One of my favourite quotes “Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity.”

PTO is definitely an amazing resource, it has been unbelievably helpful for me too navigating the crazy US prison system. I’m just happy to contribute and give back every now and then!
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